What is a “gap year”?

When we were incubating this idea Marty Gauvin said: I’ve got kids aged from 17-36 (statistically relevant sample). The main reasons for a gap year have been (most to least important):

  • work out what I want to do
  • get some money together
  • see a bit of ‘life’
  • help people

And Ross Williams said: As I understand it, gap years are usually about travelling the world. The moment you use the term “gap year”, that’s what will spring into people’s heads. So if you want young people to spend their gap year commuting from home to some office space in Adelaide rather than trekking Nepal, you better have something good going. 🙂 So it might be better to connect to similar-minded folk in other countries to create some kind of gap exchange programme, so at least the gap year is spent somewhere else.

What other “gap year” characteristics do you think we need to capture? 

Author: bigjsl

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