Many young people take a Gap Year to gain some life experience before tackling further study or training.

Image how different your career might have been if you had had the chance to meet creative people and learn entrepreneurial skills in a startup environment after you finished high school or your undergraduate course.

The goal of “Digital Gap Year” is to create an environment where people can spend some time together learning to collaborate, finding real-world problems to solve and creating digital products and services while developing relationships with experienced digital innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

The deeper goal is to create the digital businesses that will provide employment for young people as traditional professional jobs are replaced with ever more sophisticated automation.

Digital Gap Year came out of many discussions at the Third Thursday Thinkers lunch group and owes its existence to the passionate members who keep trying to find ways of making South Australia a great place to live, work and play.

It is intended that Digital Gap Year incorporate as a not for profit but for now it is owned and operated by jtwo solutions Pty Ltd.

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